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Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, everyone wants to know what’s the best app or scheduler to use for Instagram. There are various Instagram scheduling tools such as Grum, Hopper, and Schedulgram by which you can schedule your post according to your time frame.

I’m going to help you choose based on your funds, time, and ease-ability! 

  1. Hopper

It is a fully automated Instagram scheduler which is also the one of the best post scheduling app. However, it is paid tool which offers a plethora of features that will definitely make your job easier.

Pros of Hopper

  • Fully Automated Posting: This app offers fully automated posting. You are only required to schedule your post, and it will handle the rest. You won’t receive annoying notifications or reminders to schedule your post.
  • Video post scheduler: Apart from image scheduling, you can schedule your videos using this tool. You are required to upload and post & schedule videos with this app.
  • Emojis: Full support for Emojis. Add them to your captions with the built in Emoji picker.
  • Bulk Upload: You can upload up to 50 images at a time. Also bulk edit captions & post times facilities are also available.
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts: This tool allows you to use multiple Instagram accounts from a single login.
  • Full Image Editing: If you want to edit your photos or want to give it shades, color or effect, then Hopper has this facility to offer.

Cons of Hopper

  • Expensive: It costs $19.95 per month, you do the math!
  • You can post only 60-second video on Instagram using this app.
  1. Grum

Grum is another Instagram scheduler which is very widely popular. It is also a paid tool but cost you only $9.95 a month which is pretty low compared to hopper.

Pros of Grum

  • Multiple accounts: Alike Hopper, Grum also gives you the facility to schedule a post on Instagram through Multiple accounts.
  • Upload Pictures from anywhere: Allow users to upload photos from their desktop while Instagram does not allow this service, but this app allows users to upload their picture from the desktop.
  • Integration: Grum is purely dedicated to Instagram, so provides only Instagram integration.
  • Secure: Video uploading is still in beta testing.
  • Interface: It has clean and easy to understand interface.
  • Scheduling of post: Post Scheduling for the week ahead.

Cons of Grum

  • This app is only limited to Instagram.
  • The user receives no notification of scheduled post.
  1. Schedulgram

It is one of the most famous post scheduler for Instagram. 

Pros of Schedulgram

  • “First comment” option, you can put your hashtag in a comment rather than in caption.
  • No scheduling limits.
  • It offers “instaQueue” feature to create a regular posting schedule.
  • You get to preview Instagram feed to see what your profile look like.
  • You can also do video scheduling with this app.

Cons of Schedulgram

  • Price: Compared to Grum, it’s expensive. It’s $20 for a single account.
  • Doesn’t have analytics


Though they are all a possibility for posting on social media, I still find that clients don’t have the time to post and engage because it is time consuming. If you find you are in this boat, feel free to set up a time so we can talk about your needs and how I can help improve your instagram! Click HERE to get you started.

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