SmarterQueue is a new entrant in the market with a launching date in early 2017.

Platform Coverage: The management tool is planned to cover Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Chrome Extension, iOS App, and Android App.

Features: Expected features to with the tool are Team functionality, content discovery, analytics, posting video, bulk image upload, repeating/recycling posts, posting schedule categories, and calculating optimal schedule.

Pricing: Price is yet to be announced.

Smart Queue is perfect if you want more than just basic scheduling capabilities and are seeking to recycle evergreen content.


Hootsuite gives users the ability to manage all their social networks on one customizable dashboard that lets them see several feeds at the same time.


  • Free Plan; users on this plan can neither add a member nor do bulk scheduling. They can only connect up to three social profiles with access to some pro features.
  • Pro Version – $8.99/month.


  • A dashboard with multi-columned streams which make it easy to monitor several metrics at once
  • Apps for connecting with other social media networks.
  • Mobile apps and browser add-on to easily share content from the web.


Buffer supports most social networks with an intuitive UI for both web and mobile. Buffer gets expensive above ten profiles.

Platforms: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Chrome Extension, iOS App, and Android App.


  • Free Plan
  • Awesome Plan – $10/month.
  • Business Plan – $99/month.

Buffer Features

  • Buffer lets you track retweets, mentions, likes, and comments on your various social media posts.
  • It also integrates with for URL shortening which makes it easy to track the analytics outside of Buffer.
  • Easy and simple interface
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Buffer is perfect if you require a platform you and your team can grow with as your needs become more sophisticated.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all in one social media management tool that lets you schedule, publish, analyze, and engage with your audience.


  • Deluxe plan for $59/user/month;
  • Premium Plan for $99/user/month;
  • Team Plan for $500/three users/month.


  • Intuitive and gorgeous interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Smart Inbox
  • Social CRM


CoSchedule is a premium editorial calendar that allows you to schedule blog posts, social media, team tasks, and more all from inside your WordPress dashboard. It is intended for Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid-Size Business, Small Business.


  • Free Trial: Available
  • Solo-Standard: $15/month
  • Solo Marketing: $30/month
  • Team Marketing: $60/month
  • Team Marketing Pro: $300/month
  • Multi-Calendar (for agencies): $1600/month

Key Features of CoSchedule

  • Create blog & social media content at the same time
  • Customizable social media sharing schedule
  • Sync with WordPress and Google calendar
  • WordPress plugin
  • Task templates
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Bitly link shortening
  • Security & access logs
  • Full-time customer support service
  • With CoSchedule you can create your social media and blog content at the same time, with one drag and drop editorial calendar.

Meet Edgar

Meet Edger is a social network management tool designed for freelancers and small businesses with limited social accounts. It is not for complex social media management or medium and large businesses. In Edgar, you will spend a lot of time upfront building your content library.


  • Free trial
  • Starter Plan – $49/month
  • Premium Plan – $99/month


  • Its queue automatically fills itself using updates from your library.
  • With Edgar you can never miss a timeslot because it reuses older ones so they can be seen by new people.
  • Edgar saves, schedules, and sorts your updates according to type, so you can always post the right content at the right time.

Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages

Mass Planner

This management tool works just right if you are a small business owner and want spread different aspects of your business or an entertainer who wants to stay active with social media networks. It is also helps if you own a medium or large business and you seek a good relationship with your clients.


Mass Planner cost $9.95/month

Benefits of Mass Planner:

Mass Planner is the cheapest social media management tools, yet it has most valuable service available.


  • Quickly post to all of your social media accounts from one place
  • All the posts for future publishing can be automated and scheduled.
  • Share your posts on Facebook Groups automatically.
  • Easily follow people in your niche
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Huge array of Video Tutorials
  • Easy Status Summary of Ongoing Campaigns
  • Base price remains the same – adding modules is a one-time fee.
social media tools

Social Media Tools That Create Killer Post

Social media is an undisputed leader in the digital marketing industry.

Just look, a business is promoted and advertised free and efficiently on social media without a hiccup. As a business you can utilize the internet vastly to create an enhanced audience base, from marketing through your blogs to the social media post.

Hence, the process of designing a social media post is not so easy.

Have no fear I have exactly what you need! The tools I use and now you can too, to create Killer Post!


Killer tools to for writing

  • Writefull

An convenient and easy to use application that ensures a writing check parallel to its database and simultaneously provides feedback to improve your writing skills.

  • Boomessays

Running short on time? Need someone to assist you with writing your posts in order to sharpen your digital marketing skills? Boomessays is a pool of experienced writers that can get your posts designed and prepared within requisition time and give you a clean-cut content that yields you likes and shares.

  • Wordy

When it comes to proofreading and rewriting your content to design a post that is lucrative to the customers, computers are great machines to help you over such noble cause. Loaded with the goodness of automated tools for proof-reading and a quick-fix for other writing issues Wordy comes in with the features of real time problem fixing.


Killer tools for visual content

  • Canva

Looking for a great visual digital marketing content to post? Canva’s what you need! The drag and drop feature can solve your visualizing issues quickly.  With the images, filters, icons, and fonts it helps you create eye-catching designs.

  • PikToChart

PikToChart is the perfect easy to use infographic creator which enables you to assemble together your favorite graphics without the assistance of a designer who offers professional services. Active on Facebook or Instagram? You def want to use it to design and share realistic assurance. It even lets you split your infographic into smaller bits and post them to get likes and shares.

Nowadays, to post an amazing video on social media, you don’t need to be a professional. Why? There’s Animoto! It’s easy and convenient to use. This video editor provides you with control of your own creations and make your posts as attractive as you can.


These are some of the tools that have helped me double clients traffic on their social media, and create a visibility plan for their brand. I know this can all be a bit overwhelming, and learning new tools is always a bit much, I’d be happy to chat if you find you want to heighten your visibility on social media, but don’t know where to begin, or have the time to learn the tools and tips.

Check out my services HERE to see which package would best suit your needs!


instagram tools

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, everyone wants to know what’s the best app or scheduler to use for Instagram. There are various Instagram scheduling tools such as Grum, Hopper, and Schedulgram by which you can schedule your post according to your time frame.

I’m going to help you choose based on your funds, time, and ease-ability! 

  1. Hopper

It is a fully automated Instagram scheduler which is also the one of the best post scheduling app. However, it is paid tool which offers a plethora of features that will definitely make your job easier.

Pros of Hopper

  • Fully Automated Posting: This app offers fully automated posting. You are only required to schedule your post, and it will handle the rest. You won’t receive annoying notifications or reminders to schedule your post.
  • Video post scheduler: Apart from image scheduling, you can schedule your videos using this tool. You are required to upload and post & schedule videos with this app.
  • Emojis: Full support for Emojis. Add them to your captions with the built in Emoji picker.
  • Bulk Upload: You can upload up to 50 images at a time. Also bulk edit captions & post times facilities are also available.
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts: This tool allows you to use multiple Instagram accounts from a single login.
  • Full Image Editing: If you want to edit your photos or want to give it shades, color or effect, then Hopper has this facility to offer.

Cons of Hopper

  • Expensive: It costs $19.95 per month, you do the math!
  • You can post only 60-second video on Instagram using this app.
  1. Grum

Grum is another Instagram scheduler which is very widely popular. It is also a paid tool but cost you only $9.95 a month which is pretty low compared to hopper.

Pros of Grum

  • Multiple accounts: Alike Hopper, Grum also gives you the facility to schedule a post on Instagram through Multiple accounts.
  • Upload Pictures from anywhere: Allow users to upload photos from their desktop while Instagram does not allow this service, but this app allows users to upload their picture from the desktop.
  • Integration: Grum is purely dedicated to Instagram, so provides only Instagram integration.
  • Secure: Video uploading is still in beta testing.
  • Interface: It has clean and easy to understand interface.
  • Scheduling of post: Post Scheduling for the week ahead.

Cons of Grum

  • This app is only limited to Instagram.
  • The user receives no notification of scheduled post.
  1. Schedulgram

It is one of the most famous post scheduler for Instagram. 

Pros of Schedulgram

  • “First comment” option, you can put your hashtag in a comment rather than in caption.
  • No scheduling limits.
  • It offers “instaQueue” feature to create a regular posting schedule.
  • You get to preview Instagram feed to see what your profile look like.
  • You can also do video scheduling with this app.

Cons of Schedulgram

  • Price: Compared to Grum, it’s expensive. It’s $20 for a single account.
  • Doesn’t have analytics


Though they are all a possibility for posting on social media, I still find that clients don’t have the time to post and engage because it is time consuming. If you find you are in this boat, feel free to set up a time so we can talk about your needs and how I can help improve your instagram! Click HERE to get you started.

So you’ve started your blog and now you need to drive traffic! The answer is PINTEREST.

Pinterest is fastest growing social media site in recent years. Thus, if you are running a blog or business online then creating an account on Pinterest will definitely help you in boosting yours online business presence.

But, if you are already on Pinterest and confused on how to use it to drive traffic to your blog then follow the checklist below.



Create A Board: First of all, create a board on Pinterest particularly for your blog post. You also need to follow people from the same niche, for instance if you are writing the blog about lifestyle then follow people from the same niche. Following as many people as you can builds your audience.

Share Regularly: If you really want to gain traffic & followers from Pinterest then you must share content continuously. You can’t get away with sharing once in awhile, you need to share on a regular basis. Be sure the title of your Pinterest post is the same as your blog title. In order for you to have traction make sure you’re using relevant keywords on your post.

Use Images: Probably one of the most important items next to linking back to your website is having a great image for your pin after-all “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Always ensure that your image is nicely designed, conveying a message and above all provides a CALL TO ACTION!

Schedule Your Post: Just like other social media platforms timing is everything. Therefore, you should use various scheduling tools such as Tailwind, or Boardbooster to schedule your post to reach the maximum amount of people.

Optimize your Board with SEO: There are so many boards on Pinterest with the same topic. So it becomes harder for someone to find your board. I have the solution: use various SEO techniques to optimize your boards. This helps someone find your board when they are searching on Pinterest. Use keywords with your every post and use relevant ‘hashtag,’ so that if somebody searches related to your hashtag your post pops up in front of his eyes. SEO is a whole other world in itself, but if you’re thrown for a loop check out my blog post explaining SEO a bit deeper and the importance HERE.

Disclose Your Brand: People love to connect on social media, and Pinterest is no different; hence making sure your boards have elements have your brand on them makes people connect with your brand more.
One way to insert Pinterest into your social media marketing is by adding a “Pin it” Button on Your Blog: Word of mouth marketing is critical on this site. This makes it easy for others to share your blog with their followers.

Share & Repin Other’s Content: You know what the rule is for sharing on social media, 80 percent someone else’s content 20 percent your own. Help your boards out by including content from other by sharing and repinning. In doing so you will help increase your followers and engagement heightened.

If you follow this checklist you are sure to grow your Pinterest account and thousands to your website. Pinterest can assist in driving the majority of traffic to your blog/website if used correctly. Pinterest has become an important platform for marketers & bloggers to drive massive traffic & sales on their sites.

Like anything else you first start, Pinterest and the tools such as Tailwind and Boardbooster can be a bit much when you first start out. I offer packages for scheduling as well as engagement that will help you increase traffic to your site. Schedule a call today if you need assistance, or check out my SERVICES.

There’s no doubt that the internet has made the world a global village. It is easier to do business across the globe and it has made meetings no compulsion for people to work together. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables any business to use its internet presence to facilitate business. In today’s era, one can’t flourish in his business if he doesn’t operate online. If so, you will be losing out a wagon load of clients. To utilize your online presence as sharp marketing equipment, one must optimize one’s website to have an improved search engines rank in the search engine result pages (SERP). This could be achieved if you are well versed with the keyword research tools and have an ability to get in to various modes of SEO that will work wonders to improve your web presence. There is a plethora of ways in which your business could advantage from SEO.

Below are four concrete reasons to ensure that your web sites and web pages should be well optimized with the SEO.


  • Rank higher on the search engines


The top most advantage of SEO is to be highly ranked by search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Once ranked higher, your opportunities of receiving organic and your content specific traffic are increased manifolds. Your visitors will convert into viewers and the viewers into paying clients.


  • It fetches you the content specific traffic


It is no big deal to get a heavy traffic to your website, but it is of great significance if the traffic is well directed and targeted. The best part of SEO is that it ensures the right people at the right time directed to the right website. So, your website will not be profusely supplied with potential clients who have a need and who are ready to buy your product and services. This is only possible because SEO could be employed to improve your rank.


  • Magnifies and expands your market aspects


How about increasing your market scope wide and broad beyond your boundaries? There is plethora of people who live hundreds and thousands of miles away from you who are in urgent need of your products and services. So, why would you want to be limited to barely one state or two? SEO is one of the tested and proven best marketing tools that could work wonders to reach people from any part of the globe. And hence it is a sure shot way to ensure that your business doesn’t limit itself to a region or a country but continues to grow beyond its dimensions to various potential places.


  • Market research now made easy


A business desperately needs consistency, research and development to continue to grow well and healthy.  SEO is a precious tool that ensures consistency and competitiveness while keeping you in regular touch with the daily changes in the market. It empowers you to carry out market research over the keyword research tools to ensure that you are well aware of the current marketing trends and update your websites accordingly.

If you have questions on SEO for Google Adwords or Pinterest, schedule a consult to get started.>>FREECONSULT