How to use Pinterest to drive traffic?

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Do you own a blog or online business? Well, if you're not using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or social media pages, then you're missing out! Check out these Pinterest marketing tips and strategies for bloggers and entrepreneurs and learn how to use this search engine to grow your blog and make money. #blogging #bloggingtips #pinteresttips

How to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic

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Pinterest is fastest growing social media site in recent years. Launched in the year 2010, Pinterest has carved a niche for itself and emerged as one of best social media sites to drive lots of clicks, leads, conversions and sales. Thus, if you are running a blog or business online then creating an account on Pinterest will definitely help you in boosting yours online business presence. However, if you are already on this social media site but confused that how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? Then you should read this following step by step guide to drive insane traffic from Pinterest. So here we begin:-
• Create A Board: First of all, create a board on Pinterest particularly for your blog post. Moreover, follow people from the same niche, for instance if you are writing the blog about lifestyle then follow people from the same niche. Follow as many people as you can so that your audience increases on this amazing channel.
• Share Regularly: If you are serious to get traffic & followers from Pinterest then it is required that you should invest your time on this site. Instead of sharing content once in a while; share it on a regular basis as it will make your audience occupied and engaged. Make the title of your Pinterest post same as a blog title. Additionally, use relevant keywords while sharing your post as it will enhance the visibility of your post.
• Use Images: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is correct in case of Pinterest. This site is all about visuals, thus use captivating & impressive visuals while sharing your blog that compel users to click on the photo. Always ensure that your image is nicely designed, conveying a message and above all provides a call to action.
• Schedule Your Post: Similar to other social media sites timing is immensely important while sharing your post on this site. Therefore, you should use various scheduling tools such as Tailwind, boardbooster to schedule your post to reach out to the maximum audience.
• Optimize your Board with SEO: There are a plethora of boards available on Pinterest for the same topic. Thus, it becomes a daunting task for someone to find your board. Hence, it is immensely important that you use various SEO techniques to optimize your boards so that when someone searches anything related to your niche, he/she will get to see your board. Use keywords with your every post and use relevant ‘hashtag,’ so that if somebody searches related to your hashtag your post pops up in front of his eyes.
• Disclose Your Identity: People love to connect on social media sites; hence it is best to create a personal board on the site and describe yourself, your passion, hobbies, and interests funnily.
• Include a “Pin it” Button on Your Blog: Word of mouth marketing is critical on this site. Therefore, install a “Pin it,” button with your blog to make it easy for others to share your blog with their friends & followers.
• Share &Repin other people content: Blowing your own trumpet is the worst marketing tactic to try on social media sites. Instead of sharing your content, share & repin other people content on a regular basis. It will help you to grow your audience on this site and keep your follower engaged.
Pinterest is not just for images anymore. It has become an important medium for marketers & bloggers to drive massive traffic & sales on their sites. Thus, it is recommenced to use it effectively.

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